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Aria Naz Rocking Her Red Pumps!

I met Aria through Andrea Zhay. They’re roommates. Just the thought of those two living together is fucking sexy! Aria is a real beauty. Petite and sweet with a toned and bronzed body, silky smooth skin and an ass to die for. She dove right in and had lots of fun posing and showing off her assets. A hot new model with a bright future!

24th May 2019

14:30 HD Video
& 115 Photos

    Rating: 4.56

Meet Ms. Love!

I’ve known Ms. Love for quite a few years now. She’s a regular at the trans clubs in LA and has been to a few parties at my house over the years. She’s drop dead sexy with long smooth legs, a hot look overall and curves in all the right places. She’s been wanting to get into a porn for a few years and now has the time to try it out. I’m glad she did!! She’s incredible!! We’ll be seeing her on tgirl40.com soon and other Grooby sites.

17th May 2019

20:52 HD Video
& 116 Photos

    Rating: 4.50

What's In A Name - Luci Bloodrein!

Luci Bloodrein is a cool rocker chick who applied directly to the site. A bit shy to start but lots of fun and a real hornball. Fun to shoot with and ready to get nasty. Looking forward to working with her more.

10th May 2019

16:52 HD Video
& 114 Photos

    Rating: 4.36

Luli Garcia Rocks The Green!

Buddy met Luli online and brought her in for a session on the Couch! Lulu is a horny girl with a firm body, she likes to dress well and enjoys fashion. Lulu loves smart well hung men! Please welcome Luli as she eases on to the couch and jacks that hard cock of hers!

3rd May 2019

14:38 HD Video
& 113 Photos

    Rating: 4.46

Hello Valentina!

I met Valentina through another girl I had originally shot for TS Casting Couch. She’s very fresh and cute and has a smile that really lights up the room. Her ass lights up the room too! Tight and perky and just begging for attention. She’s very sexy and loves showing off her body for the cameras. I think we’ll be seeing much more of her in the future.

26th Apr 2019

16:52 HD Video
& 106 Photos

    Rating: 4.50

Andrea Zhay Gets Hard!

Andrea Zhay is a true beauty from head to toe. An Asian delight that recently moved to the US and is eager to make a name for herself in the industry. Gorgeous and sexy with an amazing body and a pretty face. This girl will do very well!!

17th Apr 2019

11:25 HD Video
& 112 Photos

    Rating: 4.61

Sultry Nephthys Meets The Couch!

I met Nephthys online and thought she had a very cute and sexy look. She’s a student studying here in the US and although quite shy she loves all things kinky and ended up having a good time. Her smooth body and feminine features are truly something special. A great addition to the site and a hot audition.

30th Mar 2019

16:37 HD Video
& 110 Photos

    Rating: 3.67

Meet The Lovely Nicole Knight!

I found Nicole on Twitter and thought she looked super cute and definitely worth an audition on the couch. She’d already started doing some cam modeling of her own and was eager to get started in the biz!! She could do very well! Great body and an amazing ass!

22nd Mar 2019

14:20 HD Video
& 104 Photos

    Rating: 4.44

Winnie's Horny Sesh!

Winnie contacted me and sent a few pics and she’s Asian so of course I thought she’d be perfect for an audition on the couch. From the Philippines and very fresh in her transition Winnie is a real cutie. She loves showing off her smooth body. Possibly a great candidate for a femout.xxx shoot, let us know what you think in the comments!

23rd Feb 2019

14:23 HD Video
& 102 Photos

    Rating: 4.50

A New Bunny For The Couch!

Ruby Bunny is supercute and loves to show off for the cameras. She’s a natural! Cute face, great voice, nice cock and a killer ass that she loves to have filled up. She smiled almost the entire shoot because she was having so much fun. Already planning on having her back for femout.xxx!!

15th Feb 2019

17:25 HD Video
& 113 Photos

    Rating: 4.74

Curvy Camille Marie Cums On The Couch!

Camille Marie is a sexy bbw who loves to show off all her voluptuous curves and play with her surprisingly big and hard cock for the camera. A Hawaiian hottie who I had been talking to for a while and who was very excited to make her Grooby debut here. Very fun and flirtatious with a gorgeous face and a great attitude. We could see lots more from Camille Marie.

8th Feb 2019

18:47 HD Video
& 96 Photos

    Rating: 4.61

A Doll For Buddy!

I had been talking to The Doll online for a few weeks and finally got her in on the couch. She’s supercute! Very feminine. Extremely early in her transition at the time of audition but you can tell she will certainly blossom nicely. Huge cock! Delicious ass! Great smile. A bubbly black teen dream!

25th Jan 2019

16:01 HD Video
& 114 Photos

    Rating: 4.82

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Mika Masters TMilf Debutante!

I was referred to Mika by my friend Al Tom who’s a photographer in LA and shoots lots of the local girls for events and other fun stuff. We’d been talking for a few months but I finally got Mika in on the couch for an audition. She’s fun and very eager to show what she’s got. Sexy and nasty and super laid back ....if you’re into mature trans ladies she’s definitely got it. Great legs and a killer ass that she fingers and spreads wider than any girl I’ve seen recently. Live out your t-milf (or t-gmilf) fantasies with this sexy lady!

18th Jan 2019

17:27 HD Video
& 100 Photos

    Rating: 4.60

We Luv Aris Luv!

Aris Luv is gorgeous! Incredibly sexy and feminine from head to toe. She’s got a very pretty face and an amazing smile. She’s been on hormones since she was young so there’s very little about her that’s not girly. She takes a bit of time to warm up to the cameras but I think she’ll do very well in the future. Hot girl!

4th Jan 2019

16:09 HD Video
& 101 Photos

    Rating: 4.73

Brandy Cums On The Couch!

I originally met Brandy through my friend Smith. It took us a while to meet again...but she finally made it to the couch. A hot & juicy tgirl with a superb booty and real nasty streak. This girl likes to get freaky! She had fun and was very comfortable showing off her body and posing for the cameras. Good times, great model!!

28th Dec 2018

17:16 HD Video
& 106 Photos

    Rating: 4.74

A Starlet Is Born - Ella Hollywood!

Ella Hollywood is another hot little transsexual teen dream that applied directly to Grooby to be a model. I was very excited when she walked through the door. She’s got a great look. Very pretty face, silky white skin and perfect rump of a booty. She’s very fun and we’ll be seeing more of her for sure!

21st Dec 2018

17:48 HD Video
& 136 Photos

    Rating: 4.79

Meet Hot Blonde Jenna Gargles!

Jenna Gargles is a transsexual teen dream! Sweet and tasty and filled with cream. She’s a real cutie with an insatiable sexual appetite who will do very well in this industry. Perky little booty and a big cock that she loves to have played with. Very fun girl! I think we’ll be seeing much more of Miss Gargles.

14th Dec 2018

18:00 HD Video
& 103 Photos

    Rating: 4.92

Voluptous Saphire On the New Couch!

Sapphire is a sexy and voluptuous black girl from NYC now living in LA. Incredibly passable with a sweet voice and world class ass that is just amazing to see in person. Truly a thing of beauty! Big natural titties and a cock that she’s not shy about using. We’ll be seeing more of Saphire on black-tgirls for sure!!

7th Dec 2018

14:42 HD Video
& 117 Photos

    Rating: 4.50

Catalina's Big Cumshot!

Catalina is an incredibly sexy girl that doesn’t speak much English yet ..but that’s ok...she speaks the international language of porn. Great voice, pretty face, perky booty and a thick uncut cock for your pleasure. This girl is fun and had no problem showing off her sweet ass for the cameras and I think we’ll be seeing more of it!

30th Nov 2018

15:25 HD Video
& 111 Photos

    Rating: 4.63


Meet Beautiful Lia!

Sexy Lia is a hot newcomer with platinum grey hair, a hot natural body, sexy uncut cock and a super ass! See this horny tgirl jacking off and cumming on Buddy's couch!

23rd Nov 2018

13:48 HD Video
& 124 Photos

    Rating: 4.62

Kerri LaBouche Breaks In A Couch!

I met Kerri at Exxotica in New Jersey. A cute girl who’s only done 1 shoot before this so still very fresh and ready for an audition on the couch. Long legs, a killer ass and a sweet cock on a real pretty girl with a great attitude. Shy at first but sweet and incredibly feminine. She was fun. Hope to see more of her!

16th Nov 2018

17:52 HD Video
& 93 Photos

    Rating: 4.33

Leah Upton Cums On The Couch!

I met Leah Upton through Mychelle Kamagra. Mychelle just showed up with her for the last shoot we did and rather than setting something up for later I suggested we just shoot right then and there... even though it was late and getting dark out. She was just way too hot to let go! Beautiful face, voluptuous body and a flirtatious attitude that is really sexy! I like this girl a lot!! Her face alone had me! So damn pretty!! Can’t wait to work with her lots more!

26th Oct 2018

16:46 HD Video
& 111 Photos

    Rating: 4.58

Blue Haired Sky Ladyboi!

Sky Ladyboi is a fun and flirtatious trans girl very early in her transition who is looking to make a name for herself in the industry. She loves to show off her body jerk off for the camera. Hot and sexy and lots of room to grow and show is what she’s got!!

19th Oct 2018

13:19 HD Video
& 101 Photos

    Rating: 4.67

A Star is Born - Meet Daisy Taylor!

A transsexual porn star is born!! Daisy Taylor is definitely something special and one of the hottest girls I’ve ever shot! And I’ve shot a lot! She has a bright future ahead of her if she wants! Pretty damn perfect from head to toe. Drop dead gorgeous face, curvy body with perky tits, an amazing ass that just begs to get eaten or fucked...and a surprisingly big cock. And on top of it all she’s incredibly sweet, funny and charming. A great model! We’ll be seeing much more of Daisy Taylor!!

12th Oct 2018

16:39 HD Video
& 118 Photos

    Rating: 4.89

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