Fresh Tgirl Talent Trying Out for Porn!

Alexa Scout

Alexa Scout

Birthday: 12th May
Location: Los Angeles, California U.S.A.

Alexa Scout is a fresh faced and sexy new model from LA who had just turned 18 a month before her first shoot. She was very eager to get nasty for my cameras and show that she has all the right assets for a hot career in porn. She nailed it!! She's drop dead gorgeous! Her face alone is like a Viagra. Just gets you hard. So damn pretty. Sweet and innocent yet always a bit naughty. She's fun to hang out with and a phenomenal new model that just oozes sexuality and will do very well. She's incredibly sweet which comes through in her shoots. I think we'll be seeing much more of Alexa.


Appearances the Couch

Alexa Scout

Casting Alexa Scout!

21:38 HD Video
Added 16th Nov 2016
Alexa is the first girl I shot for this site and the inspiration for it all! She had just turned 18...and SHE contacted me!! Alexa is truly amazing. One of the prettiest faces I've ever seen and also one of the most sexually advanced and fun girls I've ever met. But also one of the dorkiest. Which is pretty awesome. She plays with the new Doxy massager and it makes her ass gape very nicely. Then she finishes it off with one of the biggest cum shots I've seen in my 15 years of shooting transse...

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